The Power of Social Media in a Disaster

Social Media has proven itself an unlikely hero during the Australian bushfire crisis.   

No longer pigeonholed for social networking, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been hailed a critical leadership tool. The use of social media during past and present crises have helped reduce environmental damage, loss of infrastructure and life along with raising much-needed funds for rebuilding.   

The Balancing Act

COVID-19 has forced change upon us all. Suddenly things we took for granted and the day to day routine of our lives changed overnight.      

Many office-based staff shifted to working from home with minimal transition time or support. Amidst this change, tips and tricks for working from home, technology upgrades and training became our focus.     

The Art of Persuasion

It is no coincidence that when you walk into Woolworths, the smell of baking fills the air causing your stomach to grumble. Scent marketing has been used for many years; after all, my grandmother used the scent of dinner cooking to call her children home for the evening.

Leading from a Web-Cam

Most leaders are relatively confident when presenting face-to-face, even to large audiences when they perform on stage. However, many leaders need to improve their skills when presenting through videoconferencing. A phenomenon that has quickly become essential for many during this period of social distancing.  

I have spent a career training and preparing leaders to master communication. The following advice will not go astray post-COVID-19 as experts predict a major portion of the workforce will continue to work from home in a post-COVID-19 era.

Leading Legal Innovation

As high-profile defamation cases continue to settle and outdated defamation laws begin to catch up to technology, the way Australians access the law remains archaic.

On February 7th, 2020, a landmark legal case settled awarding Adelaide lawyer, Gordon Cheng a $750,000 defamation payout. Mr Cheng had received an onslaught of defamatory reviews from an independent party who had never been a client. Mr Cheng suffered significant mental health issues and financial hardship, losing approximately 80 per cent of his former clients.

Talking Heads

I can’t do that. What! No, silly, you got this, what if don’t. It’s everyone else. What is wrong with me? I’m awesome! That depends… who is this?
Sounds confusing? That’s because it can be. Mind chatter and your internal monologue can be enormously overwhelming. If I was to ask you to lock yourself in your own mind for the day, would you take me up on that offer? Most people would probably decline knowing what’s in store from them.


The government’s affinity for PR spin and marketing jargon hasn’t fared well as Australia’s leadership appeared to remain two steps behind the bushfire crisis. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of the emergency has seen him tarred and feathered both in Australia and internationally.


#KeepAustraliaWorking#coronavirus #covid19 as with any crisis has provided Australian’s with the opportunity to lead with purpose. Whether you are leading a team of 1000 or leading yourself, how we conduct ourselves during this time and for the months to come will leave a lasting impact.