The Power of Social Media in a Disaster

Social Media has proven itself an unlikely hero during the Australian bushfire crisis.   

No longer pigeonholed for social networking, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been hailed a critical leadership tool. The use of social media during past and present crises have helped reduce environmental damage, loss of infrastructure and life along with raising much-needed funds for rebuilding.   

Leading Legal Innovation

As high-profile defamation cases continue to settle and outdated defamation laws begin to catch up to technology, the way Australians access the law remains archaic.

On February 7th, 2020, a landmark legal case settled awarding Adelaide lawyer, Gordon Cheng a $750,000 defamation payout. Mr Cheng had received an onslaught of defamatory reviews from an independent party who had never been a client. Mr Cheng suffered significant mental health issues and financial hardship, losing approximately 80 per cent of his former clients.