To deliver positive, practical, and purposeful lessons from all levels of leadership.

To become a source of inspiration, education and knowledge for leaders. To stand the test of time, becoming a pillar of
trust and independence as leaders look forward to the first Sunday of every month.

In the face of continual disruption, leadership is being challenged from every angle. We will be your voice of reason, as
critical thinkers who provoke thought, expand knowledge and facilitate leadership change.



If you had told any of us as a team that we would have been publishing a leadership magazine even 12 months ago, we
would have laughed in disbelief. However, a series of serendipitous events led to us publishing The Leadership Review.

One of our clients was leadership expert Sonia McDonald, whose unique approach stood out. While researching and
delving into Sonia’s body of work, it became clear her message had always been one of courageous and kind leadership.

Having experienced the best and worst of leadership in our own careers, from politicians to business and community
leaders, we wanted to showcase the real hidden gems within Australian leadership. Now, we give leaders wanting to
make a difference in the world a voice, by telling their stories authentically. We are also just citizens of the world, and with
the new decade commencing with such a bang, we have questions without answers.

As Generation X + Ys, we feel a responsibility to use our skills to try and answer some of those questions, step into our
leadership and help others leave a legacy. We do this by providing an independent and curated source of positive,
practical and purposeful content.

Before Christmas, we had a discussion, where Sara predicted that 2020 was going to be the decade for courage and
climate change was going to be the number one topic. We were already in the midst of a harsh bushfire season, but
during the holidays the situation became devastating. Now, we realise 2020 will continue to test leaders on scales we
thought unimaginable; a global pandemic, a race revolution and climate change crises all packaged into the first six
months of a new decade.

What has become clear among the smoke and ashes is the need for courageous leadership, for generations to work
together to problem-solve. The Leadership Review aims to be a platform of unity, opening up dialogue and in our own big
hairy, audacious goal being the catalyst for change. So, with the echoes of Sonia McDonald ringing in our ears “Do it!, You
will rock it”. Let The Leadership Review journey begin…