If you had of told either of us 20, 10 or even five years ago that we would have been publishing a leadership magazine we would have laughed in disbelief. However, a series of serendipitous events led to us publishing The Leadership Review. Firstly, we met almost three years ago, bonding over a social project we were working on together. From there it was a natural development to start collaborating on other projects which combined our skills in business strategy, journalism and public relations.

One of our mutual clients was leadership expert Sonia McDonald, whose unique approach stood out. When we started researching and delving into Sonia’s body of work, it became clear her message had always been one of courageous and kind leadership. Our daily work involves critical thinking, solution strategy and research. Throughout our working lives, we have experienced the best and worst of leadership from politicians to business and community leaders. We now work to give leaders wanting to make a difference in the world a voice by telling their stories authentically and keeping them on track to achieve what are often big hairy, audacious goals. But we are also just citizens of the world, and with the approach of a new decade had questions without answers. We are aunties and mothers while at the same time, nurturing a young workforce. We empathise with the challenges a younger generation face from the environment to economic and disruption across almost every industry.

As Generation Xers, we felt a responsibility to use our skills to try and answer some questions, step into our leadership and help others do the same so generations coming after us will feel our sincere support. Before Christmas we had a discussion, where Sara predicted that 2020 was going to be the decade for courage and climate change was going to be the number one topic. We were already in the midst of a harsh bushfire season, but during the holidays the situation became devastating.

What has become clear among the smoke and ashes is the need for courageous leadership, for generations to work together to problem-solve. The Leadership Review aims to be a platform of unity, opening up dialogue and in our own big hairy, audacious goal being the catalyst for change. So, with the echoes of Sonia McDonald ringing in our ears “Do it!, You will rock it”. Let The Leadership Review journey begin…


Using our journalism skills to put a spotlight on leadership, review lessons learnt, both success and failures while creating conversations that are the catalyst for positive change.


Our vision is to become a source of inspiration, education and knowledge for leaders. We want to stand the test of time, where leaders in 100 years still look forward to the first Sunday of every month for the latest edition.


As we go into 2020 the world faces continual disruption and leadership is being challenged from every angle. We will be your voice of reason, the critical thinkers to provoke thought, expand knowledge and facilitate leadership change.



Leaders that leave all team members feeling inspired, respected, valued and with a sense of belonging, build confidence while achieving greater productivity.


Leaders that leave nothing on the table, don’t settle for second best or deliver less than their customers, employees and family deserve.


Leaders that leave ego at the door, take risks for the betterment of others and put their organisations or greater community ahead of themselves.


Leaders that leave a legacy, adapt to changing environments, take bold actions and plan for disruption stand the test of time inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.